The concept of a perfect storm can be described as a momentum where different meteorological conditions collide into a hurricane force, causing disruption and radical natural change. This phenomenon in nature lead to the idea of The Perfect Storm Conference. On February 17, 2017 people, ideas and innovation ambitions will collide into a perfect storm in education.

Do you have the ambition to kick-start innovation in your school? Join our community and register for The Perfect Storm Education Conference. At this ground breaking event like-minded innovators work together in a highly energetic incubator programme on new ideas, concepts and prototypes. The design sessions are supported by international experts in the field of Design Thinking and Deep Learning.

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From Islands of excellence to sustainable innovation

Many teachers are driven by an enormous amount of ambition and enthusiasm. We see them testing new pedagogies, learning content and experimenting with new technology at their schools. These pioneers are the fuel for bottom-up innovation. The actual effect of innovation emerges when these ‘Islands of excellence’ are connected in networks and start to strengthen each other.  The challenge is to translate this energy in a sustainable, solid educational development which is not only broadly adopted in the school but also visible and accessible for every participant in an education institution.

How can we connect Islands of excellence with our strategic agendas with the aim to develop an incubator for fundamental innovation? This is the key question we’ve put at the heart of the conference programme. By bringing the right elements together we can unleash a perfect storm in education.

Design Your Own Innovation

Through our unique design approach DYOI (Design Your Own Innovation) you will develop a layered result in a one-day program: an overview of new emerging learning strategies, a vision for the future of education and an in-depth insight into how to make innovation happen in your school.

This day offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world, looking at the education of tomorrow guided by leading experts in education design and innovation. Key ingredients to support you are Deep Learning, Experienced-Based Design, Design Thinking, Users-as-Designers and new pedagogies for learning in the 21st century.


9.00 AM – arrival (with tea and coffee)

9:30 AM – conference starts

4.30 PM – closing ceremony

The programme is designed around your ideas, concepts, questions and ambitions. In a series of Design Thinking sessions you will develop context and scenarios for your goals with a strong focus on how to scale up and broaden innovation in your local community.

Because the day is all about fundamental innovation at schools, the programme is relevant for directors, school leaders and teachers.  Innovation after all requires connection, both horizontally and vertically; inspiration doesn’t follow hierarchy.

You can register early by sending an email to You will be updated on the programme and we will keep you informed of all the practicalities around the conference. The participation fee is €395,- per person, or €1000,- for a group of three participants from the same school. If you register before the first of November you’ll receive a discount of €75,- which brings your ticket costs to a total of €320,- per person or €820,- for a group of three.


The conference moderator

Ewan McIntosh, NoTosh

Leading projects around the world for clients in education and industry, Ewan is the passionate and energising tour de force behind NoTosh. A highly-regarded keynote speaker at events around the world, he’s also the author of How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen and regularly writes about learning on his blog

Ewan Macintosh
NoTosh is a global consultancy with a passion for learning and a conviction that innovation and creativity can change the way people think, the way they learn and the way they work – as individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

“As a French and German high school teacher in Scotland back in the 1990s, I wanted to find new ways to help students engage with my subjects – I felt strongly that technology was both critical to this and underused in the classroom, so my classes were among the first in Europe to podcast and blog as part of their daily learning. From here, it was a reasonably logical step to become National Advisor on Learning and Technology Futures for the Scottish Government … although joining Channel 4 as their Digital Commissioner in 2008 was a step in a different direction. But it was at Channel 4, that I became fascinated by the strategies and tactics that my creative colleagues were using to create imaginative and truly engaging digital services for young people. Could I take this insight and make it work in an education setting? Yes, I reckoned I could… and that’s how NoTosh came about.”

Stop talking, start doing!


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